Basic Bitch Rules


We all know a basic bitch or 2 and if you don’t, you’re probably the basic bitch of the group, or should I say “squad”. Either way, sometimes it can get pretty hard being so aggressively boring so I’m here to help with some rules and regulations to live by for basics. A ‘When in Doubt’ guide, if you will.

  • You can’t. You can’t even.
  • Tattoos you need to have: Infinity symbol
    Double Infinity symbol1
    Dream catcher2
    Cheetah Print
    Birds In Flight
    1For experienced basics only
    2The smaller, the better because tattoos hurt
  • Take as much time, spend any amount of money to ensure eyebrow perfection. Let everything else (Hair, hygiene, etc.) go to shit,
    your eyebrows are the only thing that people notice.
  • Your Snapchat score defines who you are. Do not use phone SMS, or Facebook Messenger it doesn’t help your score. Make everyone you know use Snapchat in order to contact you.
  • Instagram all of your meals. No exceptions. No one has ever seen those type of carrots on side of chicken prepared that way. Must share proof.
  • Kylie Jenner is, always has been, and always will be Queen.
    Worship no other, answer to no other.
  • Teasing a guy all night long and then not fucking him makes him like you very much. If he doesn’t call or text you after, he’s only shy. Call and text him repeatedly until he loves you.

More rules to come, eventually. You can also see all these rules in pretty picture form on my Basic Bitch Ruleb∞k Instagram.


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