Dark-Hair/Blue-Eyed-Beauty Addiction

kat chair

Of course my love for Kat Dennings is no secret. She’s simply the most adorable human being. She’s awkward(in a good way) and my God, those curves and lips. She definitely isn’t my first or only addiction to a dark haired beauty with blue eyes. Never cared for the whole vampire thing as a trend, but I guess just the look is good?


Next, my obligatory crush- the Don of the dark hair, blue eyed pack. I truly wouldn’t trust a person who didn’t have a girl crush on Katy Perry.. That’s like some alien shit. I can’t even date a guy that’s not into her; I just don’t understand it.

giphy (3)

Megan Fox. I really don’t think a description is necessary. Still not at the beginning…

giphy (4)

And finally, the origin of my attraction. The one who started it all: Jenny Schecter. No, I do not mean Mia Kirshner. The twisted, psychotic, confused, and wrongly deceased  Jenny Schecter. I just fell in love with the character. Before her, brunettes were non-existent in my idea of attractive. I suppose because I was blonde, young and vain. Now, a woman with long dark hair and blue eyes absolutely has my attention.


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