New Approach to Bullshit

Often the days get long when you have negative people in your life. After all, misery loves company. When I let them suck me in to feed their need is when I lose myself. Staying positive is key to me and I’m trying a few new tricks, a new approach, to keep myself up. First of all, I already laugh at pretty much everything, but when it comes to an unnecessary argument (typically by someone who doesn’t have the “pick your battles” mentality), I still feel the need to defend myself. Not the case from now on, I choose to laugh and be erratically upbeat until they drop the subject. Escaping- Physically & mentally as much as possible. Once everything that needs to be done is taken care of, escape. Sometimes the annoyances can play over and over in your head, eventually consuming you. Listening to music, daydreaming, or being around people who lift me up is how I need to spend every second of silence. I’m happy that I have enough clarity in life to diagnose and come up with solutions to my own problems. The closer my feet are to the ground, the closer I am to my goals.


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