My Samsung Gear VR

There’s nothing that I love more right now than virtual reality. And my experience (less than a week so far) with the Samsung Gear VR has been beyond incredible. From swimming with sharks in OceanRift to sitting on a Jet with strangers in vTime, and to even playing ring toss- Sorry, ROCKET toss. It’s amazing. Watching movies and shows in the Oculus Theater is 10,000 times better than on a regular tv. I seem to get more into the content, laugh harder, and feel more.


I definitely fell in love when this lil bubbs ran up to me♥
I smiled so big while watching this short VR movie, Invasion. I even clapped and ‘awww’ed throughout, EVEN bounced a couple times due to excitement. Me typically being quite an inexpressive person, that’s pretty huge. I’d recommend INSIST that everyone at least tries the 360 VR experience. Nothing short of being amazed, guaranteed. I can stay focused for hours on the content, instead of not being able to sit still in the real world. Everyone that I’ve shown it to, immediately got lost in it. The fascination is hypnotizing.


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