I’m Out.


Out of Palm Beach County, out of a toxic home environment, and out of a job (in a good way). I’m now a resident of Brevard County, living in a home without rats and without someone insane enough to be content in living with rats.

Yes, the image to the left was actually taken in the house I was living in. That was a box in the laundry room. In order to do laundry, I had to deal with the smell that was as if we had 100 hamsters in there. And then there were babies. Baby rats that could fit underneath room doors. I kept a towel stuffed under my bedroom door to keep them out. That was of course, AFTER I saw one run OUT of my room.
It was a miserable environment, and I’m happy to be gone. I’m proud of myself for knowing what I needed to do and getting it done. I’m thankful for the time I got to spend with a great friend towards the end which also distracted me from all the nonsense and kept my head level. I’m much closer to my family finally after missing this past Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving due to my distance. I’m ready and excited for my next challenge- be it in human, rodent, professional, or emotional form. Let’s see what else you got, life.


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