Pizza Hut’s Traditional Wings

Never in a million years would I have thought that I could one day get actually GOOD chicken wings from a large pizza chain. After having the misfortune of trying Papa John’s “wings” a few years back, I was hesitant to give Pizza Hut a chance. I just moved to Rockledge and it does have some of those Mom & Pop Italian/American restaurants which is typically where you’ll find the best wings, but none of them sell wings! Now down in Palm Beach, when I lived in Lake Worth- I had N.Y.P.D. Pizza around the corner (A++++++ wings), when I lived in Palm Beach Gardens- I had Santana Pizza within walking distance. So once my saucy chicken cravings got the best of me, I caved and ordered 12 Traditional Wings with Buffalo Medium Sauce from Pizza Hut. And of course, FRIES- some thing the Pizza Huts down there don’t offer. I was so shocked when I opened lid. The wings were HUGE. There was more than plenty of sauce on the wings and a decent amount at the bottom of the container. I have had a few orders since then and I’m still in awe. By reading this post, you may think I’m easily amused- but I’m quite the opposite. When I get full after eating THREE chicken wings, on multiple occasions, even when I’m starving- Yeah, I’m impressed.


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