Last Night’s VMAs

Hopefully most of us can agree that the 2016 VMAs had to be in at least the top 3 most boring VMA shows of all time. Maybe last year’s Miley-Cyrus-hosted PARTY had the fun, drama, and interesting bar set too high in my mind. Kind of like Coldplay’s Superbowl halftime show following Katy Perry’s most viewed in history, extravagant, incredible halftime show- Killer performances by Beyoncé just aren’t enough sometimes. (Pardon the shade, but I’m still salty, NFL.) I also didn’t know about 3/4 of the artists there. There must not have been high expectations to begin with from a lot of the elite. No Katy, Miley, Taylor, Selena, Justin. I was super excited to see Britney perform “in the house that she built”(G-Eazy) and that was definitely amazing, of course. There were some moments I enjoyed that really had nothing to do with the show, I mostly watched from the audience/backstage cams.

1.Never heard of Zara Larrson,

but seeing her on the “White” carpet had me like…

2. Tinashe’s “Baby One More Time” vocal warm up

3. Learning Kim K’s passcode is 9924

4. What looked like Cassie and Diddy taking care of some important phone business

5. Cup holders are actually phone holders

6. Beyoncé crashing Chance the Rapper’s interview

7. Kim is so me in dance-expecting situations

8. Frankie fangirling over Beyoncé

9. Kim singing to “Kiss” by Prince

Needless to say, this year’s show certainly lacked typical VMA antics. No shocking “that wasn’t supposed to happen” moments, no feuding to blow out of proportion, no drama to be buzzing around for months to come. I did enjoy the moments above, so I suppose it wasn’t a complete waste of 3 hours.


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