Big Pharma Controversy

For a long, long time… Many years, many generations, people have found comfort in their problems by blaming a separate party. Not many people will take responsibility for everything self-inflicted. Drug addicts are no exception. Actually, most of them make excuses for almost everything. If you have ever been around one enough, you know what I’m talking about. You might actually be so deep involved that you make excuses for them as well.
So the process when it comes to the “Big Pharma is to blame for the rise in drug addictions” debacle, from what I understand is: patient will visit a doctor for a pain -> the doctor prescribes a pain killer -> patient gets hooked on the pain killer -> patient runs out of pain killers -> patient looks to the streets to find a cheaper but similar alternative, in time developing a serious problem… Correct?
What I would like to know:
Why is the person’s choice to fill the prescription left out of this process?
Why is the person’s choice to consume more than the recommended dose left out?
Why is there no spotlight on person’s lack of self control?
We aren’t all simply victims of a bigger power.
Most addictions are easily preventable with the right state of mind.
A few months ago, I went to the doctor for Whiplash (a condition with symptoms that typically last no more than 72 hours) and was prescribed 30 tablets of Naproxen with 2 refills and 60 tablets of muscle relaxers with 2 refills. So clearly, doctors are giving these out like candy. However, we are not children. We are adults with self control, will power, and just plain know better. I’ve been prescribed anti-depressants, pain killers, etc. since I was 14- I’ve never abused any substance, I’ve never been addicted. Some prescriptions went unfilled because I knew I didn’t need them. Don’t forget you have a choice.


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