About Me



A 25 years young Psychology, photography, video editing, graphic design, web design, audio production, 3D design, 3D animation, technology and social media enthusiast/hobbyist. Living in Florida. I relate to the “Wonderland” setting because it has been the unintentional theme of my life for the past several years. I’ve had my share of unnecessary bullshit, dealt with truly mad people; and through it all, I gained more clarity about the world and myself in a couple years span than most people do in their entire lives. After realizing that not having my life figured out is a good thing, I’m letting everything fall into place as it does. I’d rather have this thing done right than fast. I have a dark sense of humor which can get me into trouble around annoyingly easily offended people. I am a NFL fan, specifically the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was born and raised in Florida, but the majority of my family migrated here from Pennsylvania. I have a cat named Shmiggy who is 14, I’ve had her since I was 11. She’s a Siamese and Calico mix and a spoiled only child. I have 3 tattoos, including a forearm half sleeve. If I’m not working, I’m typically sleeping. This site is basically my outlet for all my thoughts, creativity, opinions, and whatever else.