Hpnotiq Night

According to my note written during drinking this, it’s made of:
1 part Coconut Rum
3 Parts Hpnotiq
1 Part Pinapple Juice
Some Lemon Juice

Yeah, there’s 5 parts there, get over it. Haha.


Ribeye Steak

Defrosted. Dried with paper towel. Stabbed with a fork all over (that was fun btw). Rubbed with sea salt. Left in fridge for half an hour. Heated pan on high till smoking. Threw in the meat. Finished one side then came the butter, onions, and smashed garlic cloves in the pan. Flipped it. Sautéed the broccoli the same way. Side of Rotini Pasta with butter.

Toasted Turkey Sandwich

English Toasting Bread from Walmart. Oscar Mayer Oven Roasted Turkey. Provolone Cheese. Hormel Fully Cooked Thick Cut Bacon. Toasted. Topped with white Onion, Dijon Mustard, and Mayonnaise. Made pretty with Parsley. Side of Red Robin Steak Fries, deep fried.

Mint Oreo Milkshake

Whole Milk. Breyers Oreo Ice Cream. Mint Oreos, creme separated. Torani Chocolate Syrup. All blended. Mashed the cookies into crumbles as topping with whipped cream.

I’ll Just Shake My Pom Poms At You, Bitch

Never have I ever gotten so much enjoyment out of discovering a new animal like just now. I was browsing one of my local pet store’s website (just for the hell of it) and under “New Arrivals” was a list that included “Pom Pom Crabs”. It caught my eye and I HAD to google it. I must say, I was not the least bit disappointed.

I just about died when I read they actually use their Pom Poms to ward of predators… waving them at them. Also, to clean their hiding places. By the way, they only grow up to 1 inch in size.

Connection: Life and Complaints

You can always tell how well your life is going by your individual daily complaints. As humans, we need stress even if it has to be created. Now of course, everyone’s feelings are valid and all that blahblahblah.
I’ve always got a kick out of the smallest things people can turn into major issues when there are no actual major issues for them to worry about. Especially when I was going through one shit-storm after another- nothing slayed me like someone saying something along the lines of “My BluRay player won’t fast forward and if I pause the video, it starts from the beginning!” Or, “I can’t get myself to eat the fruits and vegetables that I need to!” Or, “I have a headache from drinking coffee and opting to not eat anything.” And let’s not forget the The World Revolves Around Me complaints regarding traffic, weather, events, etc.

Lets backtrack: I was basically homeless for a while, without a job, and in back to back horrible living situations with even worse roommates. My complaints were stuff like “I have rats in my house”, “My cat has fleas which is making her so sick, I think she might be dying.” & “I don’t know if I’ll be eating tomorrow or have a roof over my head next month.”
I now am renting a room from an awesome person with no pests, I have a great job, and my cat is as playful as a kitten… My biggest complaint these days? “I’ve been COOKING all of my meals, everyday! I’m too tired to enjoy them by the time I sit down.” Aww poor thing, right? Haha. So here’s to hoping that I can continue living the ‘dramatized little issues’ life with my perspective of knowing how silly it is- because good God, it is nice.