Garlic & Oil

Penne, Garlic, Olive Oil, Broccoli, and Chicken. Topped with Shaved Parmesan. Made for my girl and I on a busted ankle ‘cause she’s got it like that.


Toasted Turkey Sandwich

English Toasting Bread from Walmart. Oscar Mayer Oven Roasted Turkey. Provolone Cheese. Hormel Fully Cooked Thick Cut Bacon. Toasted. Topped with white Onion, Dijon Mustard, and Mayonnaise. Made pretty with Parsley. Side of Red Robin Steak Fries, deep fried.

Mint Oreo Milkshake

Whole Milk. Breyers Oreo Ice Cream. Mint Oreos, creme separated. Torani Chocolate Syrup. All blended. Mashed the cookies into crumbles as topping with whipped cream.

Alex & Piper :: Doomed To Be Together

I had been wanting to make an Alex & Piper video for the longest time, and was waiting for the perfect song that would bring it all together. “One Mississippi” by Zara Larsson has to be one of the best soundtracks to their relationship.

Finger print scanner built into display. Black brushed aluminum texture with silver accents on the front. Front flash. YouTube integration for stock music app. Boom.
More to come.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

After hearing “Don’t Wanna Know” by Maroon 5, the “I don’t wanna know know know know who’s taking you homehomehome” part somehow gave me a flash back to a song I had known. I could remember that it was like a campfire song, “Take Me Home” and “West Virginia”, and after only a few google tries with different lyrics, it brought me to “Country Roads” from the “Campout at Walt Disney World” VHS movie. I can’t believe that I can even remember this whole movie. I wish my short term worked as well as my long term. I remember more stuff from my childhood than my teenage years and even a couple years ago.