HUGTM: Guys Ain’t Dumb


How u gon tell me guys ain’t dumb when there still mafuckas dating Taylor Swift who has been KNOWN for her unsuccessful relationships and writing songs about her exes for the past 10 damn years. And those songs typically ain’t nice. N it can’t be they are just thinkin with they dicks ’cause she ain’t even that pretty no more. Even if she were, and a guy just wanna get his dick wet, then just get yo dick wet… don’t take the chick to dinner, go on vacations with her n shit. The only shot she ain’t take in a song yet is dick size. You wanna be the butt of that joke? Shit. It don’t matter if you gotta fuckin anaconda down there- Taylor Swift says you small, then the world “KNOWS” you gotta small one. Fuck you mean guys ain’t dumb.