I’m finally back to iOS. Brought Vause with me.


Alex & Piper :: Doomed To Be Together

I had been wanting to make an Alex & Piper video for the longest time, and was waiting for the perfect song that would bring it all together. “One Mississippi” by Zara Larsson has to be one of the best soundtracks to their relationship.

Finger print scanner built into display. Black brushed aluminum texture with silver accents on the front. Front flash. YouTube integration for stock music app. Boom.
More to come.

I’m Designing My Own Cell Phone…

I started this project a couple of weeks ago, thinking “Let me just see if I can…” and now I’m really into it. Oh, what unfortunate timing my creativity has with myself becoming homeless this weekend. I guess we can leave the date of release as “TBD” for now, hmm? Nah, I have no plans of pushing this beyond the digital world but who knows.
I’m excited to put all the features that I enjoy into one phone, real or not, and even create some new ones.
Such as a fingerprint sensor built into the display. I know that I didn’t invent such a thing, but it hasn’t been done in a cell phone yet.
Also, the stock Music Player will have YouTube recognition. Meaning if a song in your library has an official music video on YouTube, a thumbnail will display at the bottom of “Now Playing” window and clicking on it will take you directly to the music video via the YouTube app. There will also be other uses for the integration.
I’m about 73% sure the phone will run on Android, but I just might create a new OS altogether. The imagination is infinite… And so are free design resources.
I already have finished the exterior (maybe), mainly working on software now.
A couple demo videos are done, still a long way to go.

Full specs and unpixelated images to come eventually…conceptphoneblur

Old Phone Wallpapers

I found these CU edits going through my archived TinyPic account, I almost questioned if I had made them but then realized I still have all the materials used. They were for a phone I had at the time which screen resolution was evidently 240×480. So not very recent, I’m thinking about 6 years ago.

New Twitter Header

Unfortunately Twitter compresses their headers to death so it’s not displayed at the proper quality there, but ah well.       Full Size


Most people express their shade towards something/someone by talking shit, tweeting… I clearly turn mine into wallpapers. Muahaha. Nooo, I love Miley. This started as a joke, then I really liked how it came out.     Full Size