That InstaSnap-N-OtherFilterApp lyfe.


When you’re beauty-challenged, you have to get to be creative with all the different apps for filters and editing. It’s fun to squish in my face, remove all my blemishes, put a pretty color filter on the photo and then do an instant compare of before and after editing.  Also, it helps that I’ve been into graphic design since I was about 11 or 12, taking classes in middle school(S/O to Congress Middle, Class of ’06 heyyy!). So I’m not like these over-editing amateurs who make their teeth too white and skin too smooth resulting in looking like a wax figure. Nah, I do just enough keeping it super realistic. Unless you know me in person… then of course you can immediately spot the discrepancies. To be honest, I feel bad for naturally attractive people, they must get really bored just snapping a selfie and hitting “post”.