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Nostalgia Of A 90’s Baby

First of all, I think I speak for every 90’s baby when I say we grew up during the best Disney Channel era ever. The most entertaining shows, the catchiest songs, all starring the best role models. A lot of us, including myself, regularly still listen to the Disney hits. Dream about the circle of stars reuniting and revamping the classic shows. Hell, I even still quote lines in everyday conversation. There are some things you notice, however, as an adult that you didn’t as a child. One of my favorite past times is watching shows or movies from that period and realizing things I didn’t before. It usually ends up being pretty hilarious. There’s a music video which was made as Disney Channel’s version of “Circle Of Life”. (Of course you know this, but introductions are necessary) and there’s quite a few thoughts, questions, and opinions that I have regarding it.

1. The image for the video before pressing Play looks like the cover for a mixtape made by people who call themselves DJs, but really just can make a playlist in iTunes.
2. Wishing Christy Carlson Romano would rise up and drop an album.
3. Why does Hilary Duff’s legs get further and further apart through the song?
4. If AJ Trauth isn’t a stoner, I don’t know what is.
5. To all of the random people there: HOW U NO CRAZY EXCITED!? They look like they’re being held hostage or something.
6. What’s with the hump sandwich thing going on @ 3:21? Poor Raven.