Honestly, if it’s the last thing I do- I WILL have a male blue eyed Husky and name him Sinatra, after ol’ Mr. Blue Eyes, himself.


I’ll Just Shake My Pom Poms At You, Bitch

Never have I ever gotten so much enjoyment out of discovering a new animal like just now. I was browsing one of my local pet store’s website (just for the hell of it) and under “New Arrivals” was a list that included “Pom Pom Crabs”. It caught my eye and I HAD to google it. I must say, I was not the least bit disappointed.

I just about died when I read they actually use their Pom Poms to ward of predators… waving them at them. Also, to clean their hiding places. By the way, they only grow up to 1 inch in size.

Pink Ombre Flashback

I had a blonde to pink ombre going on for a while and I miss it so much. The pink would be sooo soft and was my best look by far. I was in the hospital at one point and I remember a nurse asking me, “I love your hair! Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry?” and I replied “Uhh, Avril Lavigne…” I mean ’cause hell yeah, she’s the motha fuckin Princess. But now, I have to worry about looking “professional”. Wouldn’t it be nice if self appearance appreciation paid the bills? Unfortunately, that’s not the case so I will continue growing out my natural brownish hair only to kill it with bleach all over again. C’est la vie.

I’m Not Good At Woman-ing.

Whenever I do my nails and they actually come out perfect, I always do something dumb immediately after which messes them up. I’ll adjust my bra, put on a pair of jeans, or claw my way through my purse to get an item that yes, could have waited 5 or 10 minutes. I suppose my mind is too busy congratulating myself on doing a good job to focus on keeping them nice.

My Created Oasis


Yes, yes I did make a Facebook page for my backyard. Welcome to Cax Oasis. Relaxation & positive vibez are a must. This is one of my “Escape” methods that I previously posted about. Luckily, my paradise is 10 feet from my Hell. I have 3 inner tubes for accommodating company. I invented a pool game called “Human Pinball”. When in the float, pushing off the sides then bouncing from side to side. Pizza parties are common. Alcohol is enjoyed.

When Gilmore Girls Fans Hear “Shadow Dancing”


To this day, this is the only acceptable dance when “Shadow Dancing” by Andy Gibb comes on.

-S04E05 “The Fundamental Things Apply”