Modern Day Hitler

Donald Trump is absolutely, 100%, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, #NOTMYPRESIDENT.


Big Pharma Controversy

For a long, long time… Many years, many generations, people have found comfort in their problems by blaming a separate party. Not many people will take responsibility for everything self-inflicted. Drug addicts are no exception. Actually, most of them make excuses for almost everything. If you have ever been around one enough, you know what I’m talking about. You might actually be so deep involved that you make excuses for them as well.
So the process when it comes to the “Big Pharma is to blame for the rise in drug addictions” debacle, from what I understand is: patient will visit a doctor for a pain -> the doctor prescribes a pain killer -> patient gets hooked on the pain killer -> patient runs out of pain killers -> patient looks to the streets to find a cheaper but similar alternative, in time developing a serious problem… Correct?
What I would like to know:
Why is the person’s choice to fill the prescription left out of this process?
Why is the person’s choice to consume more than the recommended dose left out?
Why is there no spotlight on person’s lack of self control?
We aren’t all simply victims of a bigger power.
Most addictions are easily preventable with the right state of mind.
A few months ago, I went to the doctor for Whiplash (a condition with symptoms that typically last no more than 72 hours) and was prescribed 30 tablets of Naproxen with 2 refills and 60 tablets of muscle relaxers with 2 refills. So clearly, doctors are giving these out like candy. However, we are not children. We are adults with self control, will power, and just plain know better. I’ve been prescribed anti-depressants, pain killers, etc. since I was 14- I’ve never abused any substance, I’ve never been addicted. Some prescriptions went unfilled because I knew I didn’t need them. Don’t forget you have a choice.

How Hard Is It?

I’m yet again in the position where I need to find another place to live. The worst part about being on the verge of being homeless isn’t the fear of not having a place to live, but with limited means- having to rely on strangers to help. To deal with all the complete and total absolute idiots responding to my Craigslist wanted ad. It’s just that bad. How hard is it to read and comprehend one paragraph, honestly? Is this a “skill” these days that requires training? And it’s not just Craigslist, it’s all over.
If I have a certain geographical area listed in my ad and you are outside of that area,
how hard is it to be aware that location isn’t what I’m looking for?
If I clearly state that I have a cat (and 2/3 of my pictures for the listing include her),
how hard is it to not reply if you don’t allow pets?
If I say I have a certain amount of money to move,
how hard is it to know that I can’t afford something 4 times that amount?
I mean, I’m not exactly asking people to read my MIND here.. Just a short listing. Is this too much to expect and hope for?
The thing that terrifies me is that these people have done something to be in the position of offering a room, while it’s clearly not by leading a sane/sober/educated/career-driven life. And myself- who works hard enough at any job for employers to minimally deem “one of the best”, can at least comprehend a paragraph, has never scammed/conned anyone, not a substance abuser .. is the one who is homeless. Are these qualities just not important? Am I just going through a “rough time”, when I typically refuse to believe a person can’t control their lives? Is there a quick change to myself that I can make to turn things around? Or is society as we know it, diminishing? To be continued…

Basic Bitch Rules


We all know a basic bitch or 2 and if you don’t, you’re probably the basic bitch of the group, or should I say “squad”. Either way, sometimes it can get pretty hard being so aggressively boring so I’m here to help with some rules and regulations to live by for basics. A ‘When in Doubt’ guide, if you will.

  • You can’t. You can’t even.
  • Tattoos you need to have: Infinity symbol
    Double Infinity symbol1
    Dream catcher2
    Cheetah Print
    Birds In Flight
    1For experienced basics only
    2The smaller, the better because tattoos hurt
  • Take as much time, spend any amount of money to ensure eyebrow perfection. Let everything else (Hair, hygiene, etc.) go to shit,
    your eyebrows are the only thing that people notice.
  • Your Snapchat score defines who you are. Do not use phone SMS, or Facebook Messenger it doesn’t help your score. Make everyone you know use Snapchat in order to contact you.
  • Instagram all of your meals. No exceptions. No one has ever seen those type of carrots on side of chicken prepared that way. Must share proof.
  • Kylie Jenner is, always has been, and always will be Queen.
    Worship no other, answer to no other.
  • Teasing a guy all night long and then not fucking him makes him like you very much. If he doesn’t call or text you after, he’s only shy. Call and text him repeatedly until he loves you.

More rules to come, eventually. You can also see all these rules in pretty picture form on my Basic Bitch Ruleb∞k Instagram.