Dark-Hair/Blue-Eyed-Beauty Addiction

kat chair

Of course my love for Kat Dennings is no secret. She’s simply the most adorable human being. She’s awkward(in a good way) and my God, those curves and lips. She definitely isn’t my first or only addiction to a dark haired beauty with blue eyes. Never cared for the whole vampire thing as a trend, but I guess just the look is good?


Next, my obligatory crush- the Don of the dark hair, blue eyed pack. I truly wouldn’t trust a person who didn’t have a girl crush on Katy Perry.. That’s like some alien shit. I can’t even date a guy that’s not into her; I just don’t understand it.

giphy (3)

Megan Fox. I really don’t think a description is necessary. Still not at the beginning…

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And finally, the origin of my attraction. The one who started it all: Jenny Schecter. No, I do not mean Mia Kirshner. The twisted, psychotic, confused, and wrongly deceased  Jenny Schecter. I just fell in love with the character. Before her, brunettes were non-existent in my idea of attractive. I suppose because I was blonde, young and vain. Now, a woman with long dark hair and blue eyes absolutely has my attention.

Kat Dennings Night…AKA Thursday


While waiting for the new episode of 2 Broke Girls, I’m just googling away about the show and Kat, because why not? And I stumble upon an article saying that the show is possibly on the verge of cancellation or at least won’t be renewed for another season due to somewhat low ratings. Ummm AHH. Why can’t everyone just watch this show simply for Kat Dennings’ adorableness alone? I quite seriously can’t breathe without her personality blessing my screen. Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but she is funny.